Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heart Beat

Why does my heart feel like its been put together with super glue that dissolved when my tears dripped over it zizzling my heart to pieces. These fuckin tears burned as they ran down my facial, leaving me with permant scars on my cheeck bones once u made my eyes fill with tears that I couldnt hold frm flowing down my chin drippin down to my chest these tears fell buring a hole thru to my heart dissolving my super glue.

I thought I was thru!!! Her love reminds me of you. Not becuz ur once shallow love was anything close to what she offers but becuz I wonder why she cant be you or better yet why you cant be her? I see myself going thru this pattern of hurt and I just cant do it anymore.. I cant let her ... her love me how she does so openly. Cuz your love taught me thats not how love is supposed to be.

Where's the intensity if no names have been yelled from across the street? "where are u going?!? Come back to me!" Or if no shoving matches and shake up's are there to assure u that its real u do feel something Kree.

So I ponder on ways to bring her close to me and than reject her love in the very same moment she says " I love you baby" *eyes wide open* Yeah thats what she once said to me!
I gotta get my heart out of my minds places cuz the 2 are never on the same page. I am going insane and I am draggin my heart thru the pain!

Tell me does love age? Cuz I been searching for an experation date so I can let you go and through you away and love myself again so that when she wants to love me I cant let her in! You killing me!! My soul was brought to life when I ment her. Than it died when I realized I was scared to love her..

She told me that my slow heart beat makes her think and I said Im just being cautious baby thats all it means. Than my shoulders shrink and my head hung low cuz Im growing to fall inlove with her pussy and leave her heart alone! Than I wont have to worry If her heart beat is fast or slow...

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