Sunday, August 1, 2010

The rejection sticks like a knife in my back, remove with caution or else the bleeding may not stop! I'm bleeding to death! Do u care enough to stop it? U can't and won't try so I bleed 2 death. Loving u was my life sentence! Brought my soul to its grave. God where are u? The devil won this battle! N u have the nerve to ask "what's the matter?" RIP Krees soul has left. I feel my heart beat but it doesnt beat the same! My undying love is now my dying love. Cuz with each breath for u I breathe its killing me! Broken clocks and not enough time n a hour class so there's no time for this healing. Just taking with me the baggage frm yesterday and hope I drop loads along the way so that my soul rebirths a new spiritual awakening within me so some day all this pain will be worth having my happy ending! Even if just for a moment, ill take what bit of real true happiness I can get and know this hurt was all worth it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

when something so beautiful is starting you never picture it ending
but here we are 2cap2getha4eva that wat i said
wish i woulda met u in another life time cuz this one wasnt ment
crazy though cuz i really dnt know wat happened
wheres all the time spent
none of it means shit since u moved on again
wheres the joy we onced shared
its gone!
what scares me the most is that u could possibly feel this way someday
and baby karmas a bitch
and no i dnt wish this but it is what it is- thats wat u said
would, coulda, shoulda ...but we didnt right
look me in my eyes
why cant u look me in my eyes
the pain lays deep inside
the passion has left
the rejection sticks
unconditional love..yes
trust.. idk possibly never again
my apologies for this last fucked up year we lived
but thats no excuse for what u did
my heart melted cant even say it was shattered
does she love u with the pain that i do
will she always and forever continue to
she loves u with all her heart
my love include my soul too
this time there is no picking up the pieces
im remodling
with my own two hands for as long as it takes
being alone is good for the soul
to bad that u will never know
i would never try and take from ur happiness
plz understand i had good intentions that just never came to be what they were ment to be fast enough for u stay inlove with me
but no more tears down my facial
no more early morning calls and late night text
no more wondering what if
my heart is now being remolded and with no baggage
but remember this...
our first kiss
the loft
the love
the joy
the acceptance
the first apartment
remember the good times and kiss the bad goodbye
cuz who i am today is not focusing on the negative rather the positive