Sunday, August 1, 2010

The rejection sticks like a knife in my back, remove with caution or else the bleeding may not stop! I'm bleeding to death! Do u care enough to stop it? U can't and won't try so I bleed 2 death. Loving u was my life sentence! Brought my soul to its grave. God where are u? The devil won this battle! N u have the nerve to ask "what's the matter?" RIP Krees soul has left. I feel my heart beat but it doesnt beat the same! My undying love is now my dying love. Cuz with each breath for u I breathe its killing me! Broken clocks and not enough time n a hour class so there's no time for this healing. Just taking with me the baggage frm yesterday and hope I drop loads along the way so that my soul rebirths a new spiritual awakening within me so some day all this pain will be worth having my happy ending! Even if just for a moment, ill take what bit of real true happiness I can get and know this hurt was all worth it!


  1. that was morbidly beautiful. Morose yet extremely engaging. U r def lettin ppl get somewhat of an idea of what a broken heart feels like.

  2. Very poignant, praying for you:)