Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fuk Luv
Current mood: bored
Category: Writing and Poetry

I posted sticky notes all over my inner me.

[Heart]- dnt let her enter!! she won't know wat to do wit. I shoulda listened.
[Right side of my brain]- dnt relate to her cuz soon ur poems will be all about her.

Now I find everything I write refers back to u. 2 outta 2 im losing... shall I continue.
Get my drift. I let u in. Fuck it!

Middle finger in the air same 1 I fucked u with.
Catch ur nutt.
Drip down my hand as I make LöVë to u with my middle finger in u...

Sayin Fuck LöVë!
My LöVë forever dis-owne's u.

So I placed my tongue on u...
ate thru u..
Layer by layer...
tasted the bitter and sour layers..
How many licks til I get 2 where the real u shines thru?
Soft and sweet never happened so its back to my middle finger as I fucked LöVë into u.

Isn't that the same finger u used to fuck me 2?

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