Thursday, August 27, 2009

Emotion N Poetry

Emotion N Poetry- ily Current mood: chill Category: Writing and Poetry

poetry in motion-listen as i explain to the emotion in "my" poetry-
its like when a feeling comes thru words form to express what just cant roll off the tip of my tongue.
Becoming an emotion u just cant get out of your mind til you let ur poetic pen hit the sheet of paper in a book of chapters i often leave open for those who are interested.
But damn it, enter with caution cuz theres emotion is this poetic passion.
Dnt just read what is layed out for u to skim thru.
Read between the lines becuz thats where the truth lies,
waiting for u to see the big picture of the lil picture i poetically put together for u!
The meaning is different than the everyday Poetry in Motion.
Its the emotion in poetry that captures me.
I go thru my ups and downs with poetry.
I let my pen cry for me and the ink bleeds yelling out thru Poetry at Poetry cuz poetically my words just arent together.
It takes work to stay in love with poetry.
And each time I sit down to write Im ready to take on that challenge...
the out come is usually worth it.
Even the days when it seems my pen ran outta ink and I feel I have no words left to speak.
I shift my mentality and it comes back to me.
cuz theres emotion in poetry and thats everything to me!
I call my poetry "She" becuz "She" will forever be who i love.
There is emotion in poetry and I love it.
To walk away is to walk away frm a love to deep to supress.
"Follow/listen to your heart" but does the heart ever really think logically?So thats usually how my writers block forms.
When my heart n mind are not in tune...
I see y we will never have the same understanding.
but i still love MY poetry!
Cuz when I say I love u my love is everlasting!
Maybe, possibly, my pen may give up on me.
But there will forever be emotion in poetry.
cuz everyday is Poetry in Motion and the experiences in everyday life is the emotion in the poetry...smiles form,hearts break, words are yelled, tears are cried, life isnt just life without the beauty in these lessons learned.
so Poetry in Motion is nothing without the emotion in poetry!

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