Friday, August 28, 2009

Pen & Pad

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pen pad Current mood: grateful Category: Writing and Poetry

4 sum ppl all they have is a pen n pad!! Dnt get me wrong cuz I LöVë a lyrical mind but I find it kinda sad. Im finding that most r using this as their only form on communication. But did I mention that its sad...
((this is all they have.))
What happened to speaking frm the heart? now ppl r choosing to write instead of communicate in person. So words are pre thought and edited. I think its a way of speaking with caution, playing it on the safe side. Cuz they r afraid they may say the wrong shit out of confusion. So words are pre thought and edited.
Dnt get me wrong its a great way of expression. Cuz I to do write in hopes some1 can relate to it. But I never for a second forget that poetry is spit for a reason.
But I find it sad for some ppl a pen and pad is ALL they have! Where are the parents? y are kids growing up with so many secrets. Hidding in closets ashamed of who they might be. Talking to their parents will never happen they won't accept it. So its back to poetry.
Abuse physical or mental of any kind. Won't talk about it cuz ur afraid no1 will understand so its back to writing rhymes in 3rd person hoping some1 will say they understood every word of it. I just think its sad that for some ppl a pen and pad is they have.
I mean don't get me wrong I LöVë a lyrical mind and im glad that u have this talent as an outlet and in the mist of it u may just touch someone who can relate to it..
I know u just need to vent so u write down in rhymes and metaphors to share ur life in any way you can put it.
But lets admit it. Don't u find it sad that a pen and paper is all we have 2 express what others close to us just might not understand!?!

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