Friday, August 28, 2009

fuk luv Current mood: bored Category: Writing and Poetry

I posted sticky notes all over my inner me.
[Heart]- dnt let her enter!!
((she won't know wat to do wit. ))
I shoulda listened.
[Right side of my brain]- dnt relate to her cuz soon ur poems will be all about her.
Now I find everything I write refers back to u.
((2 outta 2 im losing... ))
shall I continue?
Get my drift.
I let u in.
Fuck it!
middle finger in the air same 1 I fucked u with.
Catch ur nutt.
Drip down my hand as I make LöVë to u with my middle finger in u...
sayin fuck LöVë. My LöVë forever dis-owne's u.
So I placed my tongue on u...
ate thru u..
Layer by layer...
tasted the bitter and sour layers..
How many licks til I get 2 where the real u shines thru.
Soft and sweet never happened so back to my middle finger as I fucked LöVë into u.
Isn't that the same finger u used to fuck me 2?
Who gets wat im tryin 2 say?

Comment it and let me know... hahaha

yes i do girls!!!


  1. This is a very erotic and emotioned filled piece of writing. The intimacy of the sexual act tied in with the act of trying to discover who the person really is. My favorite line is "How many licks til I get 2 where the real u shines thru."
    Overall this is a great poem.

    I write poetry too.

    Check out my blog if you want.

    Comments and a follow would be greatly appreciated. =D

  2. creative, creative, CREATiVE. makes poetry worth reading.