Thursday, August 27, 2009

i feel that

I feel that Current mood:blah Category: Writing and Poetry

I sit in a daze quoting over and over again lines from other poets poetry. Thinking one day that poet wont have shit on me...Saying yeah I feel that... Why wasn't I able to explain such a thing... and than it hit me. Maybe I was put here to spit in a simple way for u simple minded ppl to have something ur able to relate... tooor maybe I just haven't got to a stage where I can futher explain the depths of my pain cuz my heart aint ready to be intune with my minds kreeative side.There is emotion in poetry and I write frm the heart.But when the heart hurts and feels what the mind just cant relate to than really what runs thru my mind if its the mind that gives off the sensation to feel the emotions. Fuck I dnt get it.So I download all these lyrics and rock out to the beats and feel their 16 bars and think I know this person just off some bullshit connection I think I felt off a verse that hit so hard I feel like damn thats how I felt. I become fans of others cuz I have no belief in my own let alone myself. So I comment and complient everyone elses shit and say stay tuned to mine cuz some day my shit will b so deep it'll blow ur mind. As of now I feel out of loss of words and the pain lays deep within. Cuz though I go on each day guess I never really have gotten over the pain!

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