Friday, September 4, 2009

This is old but hey Oldies but Goodies
Old loves make for good poetry lol

I was stuck...
stuck in some shit i never felt b4.
All I know is my heart kicked a million beats a minute,
my mind was spinning, my hands were shaking, my legs got weak.
Back to you I went for a recovery.
You were my remedy.
My drug of choice.
Cuz when you entered my life Aahhhaa what a high!
but nobody warned me that this high would wear off
and that an addiction would began.
Your kisses shot loves drug into me.
Contaminating my body with such a remarkable soothing sensatation.
Only allowing me to breathe and feel you.
An on going battle.
You were in full control.
How did I get to this point?
The cause and cure is you!
You were everything wrong for me that felt so right.
The way sociaty works is like.
Who takes to those with scars and battered hearts?
Weak ppl arent willing.
So instead we turned to each other.
Thinking we knew each other cuz our hearts yearned for the same humanly
love that the other craved yet lacking.
So naturally,
I clinged to you like a crackhead on crack.
And no baby dnt go just give me one more chance.
Like a crackhead begs for one last hit.
Now my world spinning cuz ur gone.
I beg u come back to sooth me.
How can this be?
I cant get over you if your the remedy I turn to for a brokenheart you shattered.
but than again NO dont go.
Just one more kiss so my body can feel that love drug u injected in me once b4.
Your my poison.
I cant take anymore!!
Cuz though you claim ur done u come back for more.
Like a dope dealer without its main customer!

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  1. this was amazing... well thought out and well executed... the idea was great