Thursday, September 24, 2009

time wasted

7 yrs and this is how u go about things.. 7 yrs of feelings.. 7 yrs of time wasted. All that for nothing? I paid u respect thru all ur little phases. Patiently waited. Not even enough decentcy to call and tell me? Every1 but me knew.. It wasnt even u who told finally told me. Sure we had out ups and downs. Yes we've had chances with others and even almost did. Time waits for no1 isnt that wat u said? Guess u ment it. So many times we drifted. I found a love or two but so did u. Back in each others lives. We had the chance. Take it slow is wat i told u. But all that talk was just that!! I wasnt ready my heart was still hurting. And u took that wound and cut it deeper! U say I havent Changed. But Nigga, ur the Playa. Better her than me!! (now she has ur baby)

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