Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Title ME Happy!!!!

i been searching for a title to place on me..though i been living freely and open to the titles place on me.. but something tells me that ppl just cant exactly put a finger on me!

so read with ur minds open and carefully.. i was not place here on this earth to amaze u and be looked at as anything more than another outstanding human being! so why the fuck must u always try to title me...

if attracted to him or her whats it do u? guess the thought of not knowing has u wondering! "hey kree u are beautiful but i see u only like girls... are u bi sexual".. or the famous "hey kree, i see u have a girl... are u bi-sexual.. do u still like guys? how can i get in?" they act like im hurting there feelings! maybe i am!!

i guess no1 understands.. and is it my duty to explain my sexuality? im mean really? whats it to u if im happy?im with someone who loves me for me. im with someone who knows how to appreciate and fully accepts me even when she doesnt get me!

so how about this... if u wanna title me than title me "HAPpy!!" cuz rather im attracted to him or her! its all apart of where i feel im ment to be and for that im blessed to say i have accepted me!

so i am bi-sexual, lesbian, or striaght just hooping on the trend of liking women? who cares.. it dont matter to me! y because damn it i am "HAPPy!!"


  1. well well I likes this tell it how it is and keep it 100 who cares what team you playing on just long as you playing but me I like that in you I might have to come to Kali Kali and throw words at you then well you know how Jody is... ;P<----- Cause I'm Nasty

  2. I agree with you. the world has so many labels and categories. IT is so hard to try to make other people understand where you are coming from without classifying yourself. Its horrible that all these labels indicate who we are in the world. Overall good post!


  3. thats real because nobody can do you but you! everybody else just has to accept it.