Thursday, September 17, 2009

U & Me Nomore

I blamed u 4 breaking a heart that was never whole.

I came to u with holes so deep u should of seen straight to my soul.

Had fresh stab wounds still open on my back.

U reached with ur hand and I reached back.

We traveled up and down memory lane never really forgiving the ones who caused us this pain. So we accepted love at our convience and rejected it just as easily.

What were we looking for? qualities in each other the other was searching for.

Strength in different areas.

My weakness's ur strengths and ur weakness's my strength.

Truth is we're only as strong as we handle each situation.

Bcuz u neva know how strong u are til strong is what u gotta b!

Spent days and nights searchin. lurkin. inlove but not with the right person.

How do we know what a perfect match is if no1's perfect?

Sharing similar pain became conflict of interest.

Why did we rush into this? I love u.. I love u 2 but wats love?

We had no clue! wat do we do?

Bcuz my hearts in pieces and I still want to try but I was clearly over looking the obvious.

U fell in love with weed well I was looking for a natural high.

U dwelled in pain well i was trying to forgive myself and looked for bettered days.

U fell for him.

I fell for her.

Friends we cant be nomore!

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  1. kree! damn babygurl no doubt thats deep,way to put it out there,and as hard as it might have been for you to write this beautiful ugly,just know its powerful and i appreciate your words...i knew you had it in you.....