Thursday, September 24, 2009

Private thoughts

(sings) "I'll always thinkg of u inside of my private thoughts. The very thought of u makes me wanna get undressed. I wanna be with u inspite of what my heart says"

- Man aint that the truth! What I would give for 1 more chance at romance. Thoughts of u having ur hand gulide across my thigh as u reach behind my neck than into my pants, pulling me in tight and im holding ur heart once again in my hands.

U can leave the relationship but nooo baby!! Not the sex! Lets admit we can still do it, I mean who has to know? Its not the sex that didnt workout. It was the relationship! SHIT!!!

Please excuse my private thoughts, i mean im taken ur taken. But, fuck who cares?? LEts just be naked. Yeah I said it! Cuz I usually always think of u inside of my private thoughts. Find myself wanting to go on walks just so that i can let my mind run loose with thoughts of u.

Imagining u walking along side me. Dang I miss u baby. Aint it something how no amount of words can take us back to where we used to be and no amount of explaining will really say what u really mean. So I imagine..

I let my mind do wat it does best... think! If I close my eyes ur beautiful face I can visualize n at times my mind does cross lines and I see how our bodies used to fit together.

But I refuse to be a female wishing on a star, or allowing myself to lose my sanity. So i dust this off, its just a feeling!! Nevermind my private thoughts!!!

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